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Fugue Machine, Getting Started Tutorial for iPad

You can get Fugue Machine here at the App Store Please help support thesoundtestroom by becoming...

BeepStreet ZEEON Synth AUv3 for iPad │ Review, Guide & Tutorial - haQ attaQ 240

BeepStreet is back and he's brought Zeeon synth to the party! Yup, the same guy responsible Sunrizer synth and Impaktor (the most awesome drum synths to hit iOS btw) is now back and ZEEON synth...

10 Awesome iPhone Apps You Probably Don't Know About

10 awesome iPhone apps you probably don't know about (yet) Blog post w/ links to apps: Earn $$$ by using free apps ▻ Subscribe!...

Roland Sound Canvas Demo and Tour for iPad

You can get the Roland Sound Canvas for iOS here at the app store. Please help support thesoundtestroom...

Korg iPolysix The BIG Soundtest Demo for the iPad 2016

You can get the Korg iPolysix here at the App Store Please help support thesoundtestroom by becoming...

The 3 Best Christian Apps for iOS (iPhone)

Most Christian apps suck, but there are 3 that are really, really awesome and which I can't recommend highly enough. Check them out here:

Moodscaper Beautiful Ambient Soundscaping for the iPad Version

You can get moodscaper here at the App Store You can visit the moodscaper website here

Amazing free Photoshop app iOS completely free app iPhone iPad

This video is best photo shop app for iPhone and iPad it's called:Pixlr.

AMAZING Apps That YOU Must Have On Your iPhone !!!

Amazing apps that everyone should have on their iPhone. Very useful apps that you can download for free, App1: App2:

Perfect365 iPhone App Review


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